Palazzi Testimonial

FC_palazzis_testimonialPeople ask me why go for a “green” home and why “Fabar Constructions”. My answer to them is this.

I believe we all need to be doing more in helping to reduce our energy consumption in any way that we can. One of the ways we can do that is to be proactive in and around our homes by incorporating as many of the proven energy saving strategies as we can. In particular, in building a new place we can, for not a lot of extra cost, make a big difference not only to our energy usage but also to our ongoing energy costs.

When we first started to develop our plans for our new home we found a very distinct lack of knowledge, enthusiasm and interest in energy efficiency in general. This was from virtually all sections of the building industry from designers, builders and tradespeople through to the council officers.

Hence when we found Mick Fabar Constructions, and found them to be so interested in our plans and what we were looking to achieve we were very pleased indeed. All through the planning stage we found them to be very helpful and keen to consider our different ideas. Some of these proved to be not goers but many were able to be incorporated in the final plans.

All through the building phase, we found both the management team as well as the tradespeople to be tuned together with us to bring about the excellent result that we finally achieved. Thank you very much Mick and all your team

Norm & Chris Palazzi, Cowra

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